Welcome to the Bob's Short Story Hour homepage! Thank you so much for dropping in. I hope that since you are here you have a love of reading and storytelling as I do. I can't wait to share with you some stories that will  make you laugh, cry, or have to check twice under your bed before going to sleep at night.

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Thank you to all the listeners, everyone who has submitted written works and music and everyone who has donated to the project. None of this would be possible without all of you.

Bob Daun 2010 - credit Rehphotography

Bob Daun 2010 - credit Rehphotography

Check out the book "Childhood Regained: Stories of Hope for Asian Child Workers" which has had stories featured on episodes 7 and 8 of our show as well as upcoming episodes by clicking here: www.amazon.com

Bob's Short Story Hour is a podcast released weekly (or at least twice a month) in which your host, Bob, reads short stories from that have been written and submitted by listeners or are in the public domain. 

The 16th episode is NOW AVAILABLE to play or download on our episodes page or on the iTunes podcast app:

  • "Coat's Tale" by Norman Turrell
    • Visit Mr. Turrell's website HERE
    • Find Norman's published books on amazon by clicking HERE
  • Part V of "The Peterson Laws" (Law #9) by Dr. David Peterson
    • To purchase a copy of "The Petereson Laws: The Rules of Life, Laughter and Emergency Medicine" click here: www.amazon.com
  • Part VI of "The Greenland Diaries" days 17 & 19 by Patrick Marsh
    • If you like it and want to read more, you will have to tune in to future episodes, or if you absolutely can't wait, you can purchase the hard copy of the book featuring diary days 1-100 directly from Patrick HERE or in ebook format on www.amazon.com
    • To read the first ten days of "The Greenland Diaries" for free, click HERE
    • To learn more about Patrick, visit his website www.basementsaid.com
  • The song "Money for your Major Boom" and the background Music for "The Peterson Laws": "Redemption Song" by Musical Guest Jocko MacNelly from Jocko's Yellow Album of Guitar Music
    • Jocko's website can be found HERE
    • His CD's can be purchased on the website or by clicking HERE
Author Norman Turrell

Author Norman Turrell

Author Patrick W. Marsh

Author Patrick W. Marsh

I started this project when I couldn't find a podcast featuring various works in a range of genres by authors both known and unknown. I have always enjoyed telling stories, reading out loud to my family and friends, and I have never been able to satiate my hunger for new material to read. I also hope that this project can help promote the works of some of the lesser-known authors and get their works out to people who wouldn't have otherwise found them.