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With all the stories and books I read for the show and on my own, I think its about time that I share some of what I find with you - the Listeners.

It is always a difficult choice to make - "What book do I read next?" Fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, romance, thriller, history, classical ... hopefully, with some of the recommendations I plan to give on this new page, I can help some of you out with all that.

If you are an author and would like one or more of your works to be reviewed and featured on this page/advertised on the Bob's Short Story Hour podcast - please visit our Submissions tab for instructions on how to do just that.

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Book 1 & 2 in the Dr. Drake Cody series.

Book 1 & 2 in the Dr. Drake Cody series.

Featured Review: Tom Comb's Dr. Drake Cody series:

The first featured review is going to be Tom Comb's Dr. Drake Cody series. The first two books in this series are Nerve Damage & Hard to Breathe with book three set to release later in 2017. If you have listened to the show for some time, you are familiar with some of Tom's works such as the stories "An Abundance of Caution" & "Dreams are for Sleep" that have been featured on earlier episodes of the show. Having been an emergency medicine physician himself for over 25 years, Tom's writing style is one that captures real life emotion, suspense, humanity and interpersonal interaction in unprecedented ways. This is what I had to say upon release of the first of the Dr. Drake Cody books:

"A fast-paced medical thriller, every chapter of which defies the reader to put it down for the night. Real-world heroes and villains, love, lust, greed, and mystery wrapped up in the lives and environment of an urban emergency room. Nerve Damage is a must-read for any mystery or thriller fan."

Tom Combs is truly a master of the medical thriller, mystery and corporate intrigue. I urge you to check out his books which can be purchased by clicking HERE

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P.W. Bridgman's
"Standing at an Angle To my Age"

As you long-time listeners also know, from 2017's podcast day special episode of the show, the story "But No, Nothing" by P.W. Bridgman is an award-winning and fantastically written fictional drama set in Ireland.  

If you are like me, that story had you wanting to read more of P.W.'s fantastically real-life dramas which can be found in his collection of short stories entitled "Standing at an Angle to my Age". After being featured on the show, he sent me a copy of this book. I have shared a story or two from that book since on the show, but I highly recommend anyone to get a copy of this book and plunge yourself into Mr. Bridgman's world of storytelling.

His book can be purchased by clicking HERE


Lois Greiman's
Chrissy McMullen Series

Some of you may remember Lois Greiman's short story "Iced" which was featured on episode 11 of the show. Well this is a nice window into the comedic mystery/crime drama that Lois Greiman brings to the table.

Wonderfully witty, page turning, lusty, and at times suspenseful. I have to recommend the Chrissy McMullen series. Book 9 in the series - Unhinged was released early 2017. These books are best when enjoyed from book 1 on, however, they do work as standalone novels.

To find your copies of the Chrissy McMullen series - check a bookstore near you, or click HERE


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