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Story Submissions for the show:
Do you want your short story read aloud for a BSSH episode, or do you have a public domain story that you'd like to hear? Submission requests may be sent to

Stories may be sent as a PDF or Word Document or within an email. If you'd like to mail a hard copy of your story to be read, please send an email to set up mailing. Please also include in your email a short bio so we can introduce you on the show as well as any website and social media information to include in promotion of your works on the website.

Also, if you or a friend have any music you would like to hear featured on the show, you can send an mp3 file through this same email. As with the story submissions please include a bio of you and/or your band as well as contact info such as your website, Facebook, etc. so we can advertise you on the show!

Literary Review Submissions:
If you would like Bob to read and possibly post a review for your own work to be advertised on his website or show, please send an email to
We will send you the forwarding address for submissions and discuss reviews and ad spots from there.
**HOST'S NOTE: I want to make it clear that my purpose in this show and website is to share new content with my audience. I have no desire to be another critic. Therefore, I do not intend on posting negative reviews - if I do not enjoy something or wouldn't recommend it to a friend, then I simply will not review it. I will get back to the submitting author with this information and explanation - but you do not need to fear negative public reviews by submitting your works to me.

Shameless Plug:
We gladly accept and include submissions for free. However, this show is run completely off listener and author donations. If you want your story, song, request performed on the show or your book reviewed, we'll do it for free, but a little money for the otherwise free advertising is nice too!  Works read aloud on BSSH are based on merit of the work solely, donating to our program does not increase the chances for your work to be read on air and it does not guarantee a positive review.

Thank you for considering submitting your works to our show! Thank you for all submissions, and doubly thanks for all your donations to the project!

You can contact BSSH on Facebook and Twitter (@bobsstoryhour) as well.

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