Episode 40

  • Episode 40: (718/2019)

    • “August Heat” by W. F. Harvey

      • Dedicated to Jonathan Jaekle

    • “The Avenging Phonograph” by E. R. Punshon

      • Dedicated to Collin Arnett

    • “The Case of Lady Sannox” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

      • Dedicated to Robin Sand

    • I am not including any links to works by these authors today, partly because squarespace is being difficult, and partly because I believe you are all brilliant people who can find these works on your own just as I do. You hear the names and the stories, and you can search amazon or Barnes and Noble just as I do to find these great works. Look for some that fit your fancy and that fit in with your library. OR speaking of libraries, stop on down to your local library and borrow these books from them. They love your patronage, and while you’re there, you can find several of the other random services that libraries offer to the community that are all so great.

    • Thanks for listening everyone! Feel free to email/tweet/or facebook me at any time - let me know what you think, what you like/don’t like, and what you would like to hear more of. I appreciate all of you and would love to hear from more of you.

    • Have a good night!