Episode 42

Episode 42: (10/18/2019)

  • “The Family of the Vourdalak” by Aleksey Tolstoy

  • For the English translation of this story used for the podcast visit: https://americanliterature.com/author/alexei-tolstoy/short-story/the-family-of-the-vourdalak

  • For another vampire work by Aleksey Tolstoy visit: https://www.amazon.com/Vampires-supernatural-Aleksey-Konstantinovich-Tolstoy/dp/B0006BYSQA/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=Aleksey+tolstoy&qid=1571310017&sr=8-10


Episode 35 - Part 1 of the "Catching Up Series"

  • Episode 35 - Catching Up Series: Part 1: (5/1/2019)

    • The Triumphant Return of BSSH!!! It has been several months since we have been away! I’m sorry, I’ve been busy with grad school and other things, but I haven’t gone away for good.

    • We have four episodes coming out rapid-fire for you fine listeners to get caught up with some content - or rather, for me to get caught up with getting you content. I have found some great stories for you all though and I hope you enjoy them!

    • “For the Blood is the Life” by F. Marion Crawford

The tower overlooking the grave.

The tower overlooking the grave.

Episode 34 - Someone You Dream Of

  • Episode 34 - Someone You Dream Of: (12/3/2018)

    • Short interview with friend Claire Cylkowski discussing the details of her upcoming trip to assist the Karnes Probono Project in Karnes Texas. Additional information about this project and how you can help can be found in the links below:

      • To donate to help the project, click HERE

      • To learn more about the Karnes Probono Project, click HERE

      • To learn more of the history of the National Lawyers Guild, click HERE

      • To learn more about RAICES, a nonprofit agency providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families and refugees in Texas, click HERE

    • What I Got” by musical guest Braden Canfield from his album “Seven Songs of Dying (and Another)”

      • To learn more about Braden Canfield, visit his website by clicking HERE

      • To purchase the album “Seven Songs of Dying (and Another) by Braden Canfield, click HERE

      • To purchase Braden’s previous album, click HERE

    • The Wishing Tree” by Stephen Young

      • To Learn more about Stephen, visit his website HERE

      • You can also follow Stephen on Twitter: @stewriting

    • Someone You Dream Of” by Stephen Young & The Union

      • To learn more about Stephen Young & The Union, visit their website by clicking HERE

    • Thanks for listening everyone!!!

Author and Musical Guest Stephen Young

Author and Musical Guest Stephen Young

Episode 29

  • Episode 29: (5/19/2018)
    • "Metal Myths" by Iona Douglas
      • Iona Douglas can be followed on her twitter page by clicking HERE
      • Iona has other stories that have been featured on podcasts and that are available in audio format
      • To listen to her story "Make it, Raine" also narrated by Rob Stuart-Hudson, click HERE
    • Guest voice actor Rob Stuart-Hudson
      • Rob is an actor, voice actor, and improvisor from the United Kingdom.
      • Rob can be followed on twitter by clicking HERE
      • Find Rob's facebook page with links to his other works by clicking HERE

Episode 25

  • Episode 25 (International Podcast Day Special!): (10/3/2017)
    • "The Passenger" (Excerpt from the book The Sailing Master Book II: The Long Passage) by Lee Henschel Jr.
    • "Sutter's Well" by Jeff Chapman
      • You can find out more about Jeff by visiting his website at
      • Jeff kindly sent me a copy of his book - The Black Blade: A Huckster Novel which is next up on my reading list. If you would like to read that book as well, it can be purchased HERE
      • Jeff's other books can be purchased through his website or on
    • Finally - I forgot to give out a thank you to the listeners who reached out to me over my summer hiatus. I have said on the show before that I don't often hear from the listeners - I haven't heard good or bad comments, gotten feedback on what I'm doing or not doing on the show, etc. However, I have to say, when you all reached out saying "Hey, we miss you! Do another show" or "Bob! We are all caught up, where did you go? Can you come back?" I was very touched. It meant a lot to me and it was the encouragement I needed to get back in the studio. Thanks everyone.
    • Kim G. - your story submissions will most likely be this years Halloween Special so - Stay Tuned!!!