Episode 30

  • Episode 30: (10/14/2018)

    • The Overlook" by Tom Combs

      • You can find out more about Tom Combs on his website at: www.tom-combs.com

      • Tom’s books in the Drake Cody series are available on Amazon by clicking HERE

      • Audiobooks will soon be available, narrated by Bob! from THIS SHOW! Nerve Damage is scheduled to be released near Christmas 2018! Updates to come soon.

    • The Boarded Window" by Ambrose Bierce

      • Ambrose Bierce’s stories are in the public domain and can be found in Barnes & Noble anthologies as well as through the Gutenberg project, Goodreads, and Feedbooks.com

    • Songs “The Simplest Things We Do” and “Day 2 of the Rest of My Life” by Braden Canfield from the album “Seven Songs of Dying (and another)”

      • More information about Braden, his music, and where his music can be purchased can be found on his website HERE

      • I was told “Seven Songs of Dying (and another)” was up for sale online, but I’m looking for it now and not seeing it. Please stay tuned for updates on how to purchase this music if you’re interested. Email me if I forget to mention it! Thanks!

      • Thanks for listening everyone. Enjoy!

Episode 24

  • Episode 24: (6/28/2017)
    • Updates about the show!
    • Book recommendations and updates regarding the brand new "Bob's Book Reviews" page.
    • We are now also available on stitcher - on demand radio (as well as nearly every other podcast source)
    • "The Facts in the Case of M. Hussman" by Jeff Chapman
Author Jeff Chapman

Author Jeff Chapman

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Episode 7

  • Episode 7: (5/13/2016)
    • "An Abundance of Caution" and "Dreams are for Sleep" by Dr. Tom Combs
      • Tom Combs has worked as an emergency medicine physician for over 25 years at Hennepin County Medical Center, the U of Cincinnati as a "flight physician" performing helicopter rescue, and North Memorial level 1 trauma center. For a full bio visit his website below.
      • You can find out more about Tom Combs on his website at: www.tom-combs.com
      • Tom's first novel "Nerve Damage" can be purchased here: www.amazon.com
      • The second story on the show "Dreams are for sleep" is included in an anthology which was released 5/10/2016 called "Childhood Regained: Stories of Hope for Asian Child Workers" - the net proceeds from the purchase of this work goes to SOS Children's Villages and helps abandoned and orphaned children all over the world. The program thanks all listeners who make a purchase of this book (available in kindle format or paperback) as well as the sharing of the cause on social media. Thank you for your support.
      • To purchase "Childhood Regained..." click here: www.amazon.com
      • To learn more about the charity, visit the SOS Children's Villages website here: www.sos-usa.org
    • "The Temple" by H.P. Lovecraft
      • My favorite anthology of H.P. Lovecraft stories can be purchased through Barnes and Noble by clicking here: www.b&n.com
    • Song: "Buffalo on the Highway" by musical guest Braden Canfield
      • You can find out more about Braden and his music by visiting his website at www.bradencanfield.com
      • Braden's album "Soul, Stone and Sundry" which features the songs played on today's show can be purchased on CDbaby by clicking the following link: www.cdbaby.com
Author Tom Combs

Author Tom Combs

Childhood Regained - cover

Childhood Regained - cover

Musical Guest Braden Canfield

Musical Guest Braden Canfield