Episode 26 (2017 Halloween Special!!!)

  • Episode 26 (2017 Halloween Special!!!): (10/29/2017)
    • "The Toll House"  by W. W. Jacobs
    • To download the W. W. Jacobs short story compilation ebook entitled "Sailors' Knots" for free thanks to the Gutenberg project, click HERE
    • I was going to link to some good Barnes and Noble compilation of W. W. Jacobs stories, but I can't seem to find one. If any of you listeners knows of a more contemporary or full anthology of W. W. Jacobs works, please let me know - email bobsshortstoryhour@gmail.com
the toll house.jpg

Episode 24

  • Episode 24: (6/28/2017)
    • Updates about the show!
    • Book recommendations and updates regarding the brand new "Bob's Book Reviews" page.
    • We are now also available on stitcher - on demand radio (as well as nearly every other podcast source)
    • "The Facts in the Case of M. Hussman" by Jeff Chapman
Author Jeff Chapman

Author Jeff Chapman

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